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Raymond HANUS

SAAS - Service d'Automatique et Analyse des Systèmes

Building L, Door E, Level3 (entrance via L2.210)
Office location L3.131

Phone : +32 2 650 37 42


Raymond Hanus graduated in 1970 from « Université libre de Bruxelles » (ULB), Brussels, Belgium, in Physics Engineering.  He received from ULB, a post-graduated degree in Automatic Control in 1972, and in 1979  the Ph.D. degree. After being employed as researcher and professor-assistant in this university, he was appointed Full Professor and Director of the Department of Control Engineering and System Analysis.  He has been Chairman of the former French-speaking Belgian member of IFAC, « l’Institut belge de Régulation et d’Automatisme » (IBRA) and General Secretary of the International Association for Mathematics and Computer in Simulation (IMACS).  

Research Activities

His research included the analysis and the control of nonlinear systems and mainly the problems of windup and bumpless transfers. The outlets for this research lie both in the fields of industrial applications and in those of life sciences.



Updated on April 27, 2022