1. Polytech



Service d'Automatique et d'Analyse des Systèmes
Department of Control Engineering and System Analysis
Brussels School of Engineering 

Supervision and Fault diagnosis of technical systems based on mathematical models

Model based fault diagnosis aims at detecting and isolating at an early stage the degradations in the operation of a technical system. It relies on the computation of fault indicators, also called residuals. The latter characterize the discrepancy between the data measured on-line on the supervised system and a mathematical model of this system describing its normal behavior or certain faulty behaviors. These indicators are processed in a so-called decision system in order to determine whether some of the residuals are significantly different from zero, and to deduce the most likely fault(s) from the pattern of zero and non-zero residuals.

Advanced control of nonlinear dynamic system subject to constraints. With emphasis on reference governor methods

The group specializes in the control of system subject to constraints through both predictive and non-predictive methods. The main goal is the development of new computationally efficient constrained control methods.

The main lines of research are:
– Command and Reference Governor Schemes
– NON-optimization Based Constrained Control Schemes

and their applications to:
– Aerial Robotics
– Distributed Systems (Power Networks)