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SAAS - Service d'Automatique et Analyse des Systèmes

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Matthias Pezzutto received the Bachelor's Degree in Information Engineering and the Master's Degree in Control Engineering from the University of Padova, in November 2015 and in April 2018, respectively. He obtained the PhD Degree in Information Engineering from the University of Padova in February 2022. Since April 2022, he is a PostDoctoral researcher at Université libre de Bruxelles.

Research Activities

Constrained Control over Lossy Networks. The benefits of wireless communication networks in terms of flexibility, configurability, and interoperability have stimulated control applications to go wireless. Unfortunately, packets containing measurements and control inputs can be randomly lost when transmitted over wireless. This research line aims to develop novel methodologies and control strategies to deal with the interplay between lossy communications and system constraints.

WiFi 4 Control. Wi-Fi is an attractive solution for future control applications over wireless because of its high bit-rates and its large spreading. Unfortunately, in particular conditions, Wi-Fi might be inadequate for control applications because it favors the overall throughput over the timeliness of the communications. The aim of this research line is to tame Wi-Fi for control applications by tackling both the low-level implementation and the network design.

Smart Testing and Control of Epidemics. The Covid19 pandemic has demanded novel solutions to model, estimate, and mitigate the spreading of the disease. Several solutions borrowed from control theory can provide a significant contribution to the problem. In particular, results on sensor selection in networked dynamical systems have a strong similarity with the problem of diagnostic test allocation, especially when the number of available tests is limited. Current research activity aims to devise smart testing strategies to fight fast-spreading asymptomatic-driven epidemics like Covid19



Updated on December 20, 2023